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Apr. 6th, 2010 @ 06:45 pm Christmas in April...?
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Florida was amazing.  The weather was perfect, and the beach was just as I remembered it - wonderful!  I wish I could have stayed longer, but of course I had to come back to a job that doesn't even need me.   The temperature was in the 80s the whole time, and there was nothing but sun.  Last night I was a little sad when I got back to Cincinnati because there were no palm trees, but everyone was back from Opening Day and drinking, so I quickly forgot about the beach.

Only a few more days til Louisiana!!  I'm so excited.  Seeing Dana is going to be a blast, and I'm sure I will take tons of pictures.  
Mar. 15th, 2010 @ 07:18 pm Car facebooking to Pitt
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JB and TJ spent the car ride to Pittsburgh (and back) commenting on Colin's facebook status.  It was definitely entertaining...

Colin Kernick
waiting for the gang to arrive.

Johnny Barnes  I hope there is beer...car ride is making me very thirsty....road trip without road pops...what were we thinking?
Fri at 7:13pm
T.J. Thole  2hrs and 38 minutes...
Fri at 7:29pm

Johnny Barnes  2 hrs and 35 min left
Fri at 7:32pm
T.J. Thole  2 hrs 29 min.
Fri at 7:36pm

Johnny Barnes  2 hr 19 min...jared is picking up some speed!
Fri at 7:46pm
T.J. Thole  1 hr 54 min... Making up time.
Fri at 8:01pm

Johnny Barnes  1 hr 40 min...fyi.
Fri at 8:10pm
T.J. Thole  1 hr 30 min... West Virginia!!
Fri at 8:19pm

Johnny Barnes  Pennsylvania! 1 hr 15 min...I would have enjoyed a little more time in the WV
Fri at 8:31pm
T.J. Thole  50 min... And we just got gas. Next stop your house.
Fri at 9:04pm

T.J. Thole  Pittsburgh!
Fri at 9:24pm

Johnny Barnes  Driveway!
Fri at 9:57pm
T.J. Thole  Ding dong!
Fri at 9:59pm

Nicole Hanna  Just have to say that was very entertaining...
Sat at 9:39am
T.J. Thole  We left!
Yesterday at 11:55am

Johnny Barnes  West virginia!
Yesterday at 12:11pm
T.J. Thole  Ohio!
Yesterday at 12:14pm

Johnny Barnes  Update...we are about 200 miles from cincy
Yesterday at 12:41pm
T.J. Thole  In cas you were wondering... 165 miles from home.
Yesterday at 12:57pm

Johnny Barnes  130 miles...it is rainy now and tj has bad gas
Yesterday at 1:25pm
Johnny Barnes  I think tj is mad at me now...26 miles to columbus, our state capital
Yesterday at 1:31pm
T.J. Thole  79 miles till our house. Bizzle has no room to talk about gas...
Yesterday at 2:13pm

Johnny Barnes  Speaking of gas...just filled up at about 63 miles outside of cincy...I also got gas station pizza and shared half a slice with tj.
Yesterday at 2:41pm
T.J. Thole  And now the gas situation is even worse...
Yesterday at 2:47pm

Johnny Barnes  Passing waynesville....just in case you'd care to know our current location
Yesterday at 2:54pm
T.J. Thole  If you're still curious, we are getting close to south lebanon.
Yesterday at 3:06pm

Johnny Barnes  Picking up all the cincy radio stations now...must be getting close
Yesterday at 3:08pm
T.J. Thole  Just passed Kings Island, I can smell Skyline.
Yesterday at 3:10pm

Johnny Barnes   Whoa we r getting so close...the drive has gone by fast
Yesterday at 3:14pm
T.J. Thole  Inside the 275 loop! I can't wait to sit on the couch and do nothing.
Yesterday at 3:16pm

Johnny Barnes  That will be nice...I'm tired. Passing kenwood mall exit...we will home very soon
Yesterday at 3:19pm
T.J. Thole  Passing 5/3. I'm sure the fish will be hungry when we get back.
Yesterday at 3:22pm

Johnny Barnes  PS- hi nicole. Ahhh we are getting off our exit!
Yesterday at 3:24pm
T.J. Thole  Passed the speedway
Yesterday at 3:24pm

Johnny Barnes  Shit we r turning onto our street I need to put my shoes on
Yesterday at 3:25pm
T.J. Thole  Just pulled in the driveway!!
Yesterday at 3:26pm

Johnny Barnes  We are home and tj was right...the fish were starving!
Yesterday at 3:31pm
T.J. Thole  This comment is coming from my computer and not my phone.
Yesterday at 3:36pm

Jared Holden  do you guys want to order pizza?
Yesterday at 3:48pm

T.J. Thole  Yeah, i think that sounds like a good idea. Hopefully it will be better than that crap at the gas station.
Yesterday at 3:50pm

Johnny Barnes  What kind of pizza did you end up getting?
Yesterday at 8:43pm
T.J. Thole  I didn't get any, I went to dinner with my parents.
Yesterday at 9:53pm

Jared Holden  I ordered Papa Johns, it was amazing
Yesterday at 10:15pm
T.J. Thole  I'm at work. Not enjoying myself.
10 hours ago

Johnny Barnes  Copy that..I think the time change has me feeling pretty tired too. Wonder what colin is doing right now?
10 hours ago
Jared Holden  I just got home from work and think I might head to the gym. Colin -we're having White Castle tonight for dinner if you want to join.
about an hour ago

Johnny Barnes  I don't think I can do whities sober...I'm home now too...hello jared from downstairs. I am going for a run..see you when I get back.
36 minutes ago
Mar. 15th, 2010 @ 07:05 pm Pittsburgh
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I went to Pittsburgh for the weekend to celebrate St Patty's Day. I rode up with Holden, TJ, and JB in my car. Joe drove up with Jackie, Tina, and Fritts. We met at Colin's parents' house for a night of drinking and then headed downtown on Saturday for all-day drinking. We also met up with Franco, who I've never met before, and he was a blast. Pittsburgh is definitely a gross city (and not just because the Steelers are there), but we had so much fun. I'm still hoping the dirt comes out of my pants because it's been caked on there for a few days. Stupid rain! We drank from 9 am to midnight and passed out at the hotel, where I made the lady mad 'cause I couldn't remember my license plate number. Oops! I swear I said it, but I think it was so mumbled that she just didn't want to deal with me. I think everyone else drank way past midnight, but Holden and I left the last bar because we didn't want to spend anymore money and knew it was time to just quit. TJ came back around 3 am, and I think that's when everyone else did too. Sunday morning Franco's mom made us all breakfast and let us hang out for a little while. It was definitely a break from Cincinnati that I really needed!
Mar. 8th, 2010 @ 06:06 pm Upcoming trips
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Things have been pretty crazy with the personal and work life lately. I'm trying to handle everything at once, but it's starting to get to me. The good news is that I have a Spring Break with West Clermont and only work part time at KRK as a float, which means KRK is more likely to give me time off when I want. It's unpaid, but it's nice to have a day off here and there now that the weather's nicer.
For Easter, my parents are going to FL to see Grandpa, so I took off Friday and Monday to go down with them since it's Spring Break for WC - I'm really only missing 2 half days of work. They are staying the entire week since it's Mom's spring break, but they wanted to include me. Plus I get to go for free because Dad is using some of his Delta miles since it's a family trip. I've been to Florida tons of times, but never to see Grandpa. I hope it's as pretty as everyone says!! At the end of that week I'm leaving work a little early on Friday so I can go see Dana. I've never visited Dana or been to Louisiana, so I'm all kinds of excited.
On a much smaller side note, I'll be going to Pittsburgh this Friday - also another place I've never been. Holden and some friends are going up to visit Colin since he just moved back up there. Not sure what we're getting into, but I hear it's going to be green beer, day drinking, and possibly parades. I can't wait!

I need to get to the gym a ton because even though I haven't gained any weight on the scale, I feel tons fatter. Not fair!
Jan. 25th, 2010 @ 08:25 pm Day 8
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I'm sad to say that I gave in and ate chicken today. :( I was so drained mentally and needed some real food. I'm mad at myself for doing it, but at the same time I'm happy that I made it 8 days. I'm still going to drink the lemonade for breakfast and occasionally throughout the day, but I know it won't have the same effect. I'm also still going to the gym every day, so that's good too. Tonight I tried spinning with Kathy. I loved it! I don't think it's something I'm doing to get addicted to, but it's definitely worth an hour of my time, twice a week. Let's see if I can stick with it!
Jan. 24th, 2010 @ 03:15 pm Day 7
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It's still early in day 7, but I'm going to be too busy later to update. I woke up with lots of energy and went to the gym. I still haven't noticed any of the faintness or headaches that people have talked about. I haven't drank any pop for the past 8 days, so I thought I would have some sort of small headache from no caffeine, but I'm fine. I guess I don't drink enough pop to make myself as dependent as I thought.
The rest of the day is going to be pretty lazy because of the rain and dark sky. Hopefully I don't get tempted to get in the fridge!!
Jan. 23rd, 2010 @ 08:05 pm Day 6
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Today I kept busy. Gym, tanning, talking to Christy online, and a little cleaning. Tonight I'm going to Hofbrauhaus for Scott's birthday. I'm so sad that I can't drink beer and eat fried pickles. :( I considered trying this diet for 7 days because I thought 10 would be hard. Now that the weekend is almost over, it's getting much easier - I think I can do 10 days!
Jan. 22nd, 2010 @ 07:41 pm Day 5
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Well, day 5 is here and almost over. I didn't drink as much lemonade today because I wasn't hungry or thirsty. I'm not sure exactly what that means... I also drank the herbal tea today. I'm still craving food and considering the 7-day diet, but I'm trying to stay strong! Now people are trying to tempt me with pizza and wine, Burger King, and Jimmy Johns. hahaha Thanks guys!
Jan. 21st, 2010 @ 07:25 pm Day 4
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Today was a little more difficult. I'm still feeling full from the drinks and water, and I feel extra energized, but I miss food. I miss eating and tasting everything. I don't know if I'm going to make it to day 10. :( I thought about just doing 7 days and working in the extra juice (like oj and veggie broth/soup) between days 7 and 10. I think I would still have the same effects, but I'm not sure. Either way, I'm surprised I've lasted this long! :)
Also, I'm glad to see friends are taking bets on facebook now about when I will give up. Thanks for the encouragement, right?

Side note...
I was very weak last night (mentally) and wanted to cheat. I checked online to make sure what exactly would happen if I didn't follow the plan. There are some really stupid people out there with some really stupid questions. One person was asking something like "I was on day 5 yesterday and gave up. I ate a steak, mashed potatoes, and salad. Does that mess up the cleanse?" WTF? Are you serious? How do you think that's ok? haha Another lady was freaking out because she ate 2 (yes 2!) snow peas. She didn't want to have to start over. haha
Jan. 20th, 2010 @ 04:23 pm Day 3
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I have to give an early update today because tonight is date night! Woo!
This morning I was still tired from the gym, but nothing more than usual. I didn't eat any french toast at breakfast today, which was hard. For lunch we had cheeseburgers, but it was much easier to resist than I expected. I felt a little hungry after school today, but it was time to have my drink, so that's probably why. Tonight I'm going to the movies, but luckily I don't eat theater food anyway. I'm still feeling energized, and I really wish I had time to go to the gym. :( I'm running to the Whole Foods store today before the movies to stock up on more juice and syrup. It's getting kind of expensive, but I just have to remember that I'm not shopping at Kroger at the same time.